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denver's original roller derby league
since 2004

General FAQ

Q: Where can I watch a game?

A: Our home games are all played at the Rollerdome. The Rollerdome is located at:

2375 S Delaware Street
Denver, CO 80223

Q: How much do games cost?

A: Our games cost $15 per person. With fees that comes to $17.50. Kids 12 and under are free but still need to "buy" a complimentary ticket due to venue occupancy limits.

Q: How frequently are games played?

A: Our games are on Saturday evenings and happen about once a month. You can see all of our upcoming games on our Schedule and receive updates in your inbox by signing up for our Mailing List.

Q: What is the difference between a "game" and a "bout"?

A: Nothing. In this context, they mean the same thing.

Q: Are food and beverages available at the venue?

A: Absolutely. Our bar proudly serves liquor and beer from Argonaut Wine & Liquor, along with non-alcoholic beverages. We also partner with local food trucks for delectable eats. You can see more information about food trucks on our Schedule.

Q: What if I can't skate but want to be a member?

A: Roller Derby has the highest referee to player ratio of any sport and a majority of the Officials on the track during a game are called NSOs or Non-Skating Officials. We welcome you to use the Officials form to get involved.

Q: Where should I buy my derby gear?

A: We absolutely suggest you go see the lovely humans at Death and Glory, tell them you're with Rocky and they will make sure you have everything you need.

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