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denver's original roller derby league
since 2004
the originals

WFTDA Founding League

RMRD is a proud founding member-league of the WFTDA.

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association is the international governing body for the sport of women’s flat track roller derby and a membership organization for leagues to collaborate and network.


Our Mission

We are a flat-track roller derby league dedicated to promoting strength, athleticism, and empowerment, by providing an inclusive, supportive, and fun environment in which to learn the skills necessary for competition and leadership in our sport. We aim to be a positive and uplifting force in our members' lives and in our community.


Our diversity Equity & Inclusion Mission Statement

At Rocky, we recognize that our league and the wider roller derby community hasn't always been as diverse, equitable, or inclusive as we know it could be. Our DEI Committee was formed in 2021 to actively address issues within our league, and hope to share what we learn, with our community, and to facilitate partnerships with other local organizations to make our community more equitable and accessible.


Gender Inclusivity

Rocky Mountain Roller Derby believes that as part of our mission to foster an inclusive community, we are committed to anti-discrimination practices in relation to all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants, and aim to ensure that all skaters’ and volunteers’ rights are respected and protected.


On a cold Chicago day in 2010, Rocky became the fifth league in history to win the Hydra Trophy and the only team from Denver to ever bring this award home. Rocky has also earned the title given to only seven other teams,
WFTDA Champion.

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